General Medicine Department

General Medicine

Dr. R. I. Singh MD, (Gold Medalist) ex senior resident, AIIMS, is the General Physician of Arpana Hospital. His excellent clinical diagnosis and caring treatment has made the Medicine Department very effective around the community. The steady increase in the outpatient attendance is a clear indication of his popularity. Dr. Singh lends invaluable clinical support to the other departments of the hospital. He is ably supported by Dr Sushil Mishra. 


Medical patients in the OPD  for General Medicine  was 28,998. The   General Medicine Department treats patients suffering from diabetes,    thyroid disorders, respiratory problems, infectious diseases, tuberculosis, snakebite, poisoning, dermatology, VD, gastrointestinal and liver disorders, and neurological diseases etc. 






Intensive Care Unit

The ICU has been expanded and renovated from 4  to 6 beds due to the increased demand for the facility. A computerized monitoring system allows  a close check on the patients by doctors and staff on duty. Since most of the doctors who are Heads of their Departments stay in Arpana’s premises,  they are available at a moment’s notice.