Pre School Care


Children Blossom in Arpana’s ‘Garden of Love’


640 children in the age group of 3-5 years played and learned in Arpana’s ‘Garden of Love’. Arpana provides two years preschool care including a nutritious meal every day.


Image 1

 Children doing number activities and morning exercise


Senior Balwadi: In Math they can count from 1 to 100. Activities included count, match the numbers, what comes before, after and between numbers and filling in the missing numbers. Children also learned single digit addition. Flash cards and counting materials like pebbles and beads were used to improve their counting skills.

Junior Balwadi: The students have done oral counting from 1 to 50. They did number recognition with the help of pictures, flashcard, black boards, etc. Students have done oral counting from 1 to 50 and written work from numbers 1 to 10.


To augment their General Knowledge, activity poems on birds and animals were recited in class in both Hindi and English.


Image 6


 Balvatika kids engrossed in written work


Regular Parent Teacher Meetings are also conducted to inform the parents about their children’s performance and to synergize the effort to bring in positive behavioral changes among the students.


The Day Care Centres provide a stimulating and cheerful atmosphere with diverse activities to help the children develop their full potential. At present, the pre-school section has about 640 children, who encounter their first step towards learning their three R’s through toys, games, stories, songs and other classroom tools.