a. Arpana Hospital covers the population of approximately 500,000 with over 500 villages and towns in the surrounding areas.

b. Last year, Arpana Hospital in rural Haryana was able to treat about 68,000 patients,    perform 4,200 operations and perform 83,442 diagnostic tests.

c. Arpana Hospital also holds a variety of specialty clinics and camps in the rural areas.   Last year, 48 eye care camps were organised by Arpana in which about 7,000 patients were    cared for.

d. Last year, over 7,500 patients attended the OPD and about 5,500 various diagnostic tests were conducted in Arpana Medical Centres in Himachal Pradesh.

e. Over 30,000 patients are treated annually in Arpana Health Centre and Outreach Clinics,    Delhi, by a team of 24 volunteer and staff doctors.

f. Arpana also organized specialty clinics and camps in the Molar Bund and Aaligaon area, attended by over 5,000 patients.