Success Stories

Women Empowerment

 Bala achieves security!

Bala, from village Faiz Alipur Majra Village has two sons and a daughter. Her husband used to  earn a meager subsistence wage, as a day labourer. The family was so poor that often a meal was missed due to lack of money. However, Bala decided to struggle and strive for a better life. She persuaded her husband to learn masonry skills and he became a good mason. Then she became a member of the Puja Self Help Group formed by Arpana in her village. Despite her in-laws not wanting Bala to work, she went to work as a daily wage labourer.She began depositing regular savings, as advised by her group members, first with just Rs.20 to 50 a month to now over Rs.500 a month.

She took her early loans to build better housing and then later for her children’s studies. Gradually, her savings reached Rs.85,000. Today she smiles with pride as her eldest son is earning Rs. 60,000 as a manager in a firm and daughter is teaching in a school near their village. With the support of her group and her husband, Bala has struggled for over a decade to pull her family out of deep poverty


  Differently Abled

Balwinder of Bassi Akbarpur Village

Balwinder, son of Shri Jagdish, belongs to the village Bassi Akbarpur. He is a member of the Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO) formed by Arpana, called Naya Savera Viklangjan Samiti.

Earlier his condition was not good at all. He had little income with no hope and poor living conditions. Once he became a member, he found that the new information and learning shared in the monthly meetings was very useful, for better access to government schemes and benefits. 

He began sharing information with other persons with disabilities (PWDs). His own medical certificate was made only after becoming a member of ‘Naya Savera’.

He took a loan and bought a good sewing machine and now his income from tailoring has increased from Rs.5000 a month to Rs. 15,000 a month. He is happy that he has savings and security of the DPO as a guide and a platform. 

Education at Molarbund




Vijay Singh’s family is uneducated, but his parents always wanted the best for him. They lived in Molar Bund and enrolled Vijay in Arpana’s education program when he was a small child, where he studied until he completed his 12th class in 2013.

He wanted to do law but did not have the money. He met Mrs. Sushma Agarwal who, after seeing his rank and dedication, agreed to pay all college fees and hostel accommodation. He was finally living his dream! But in the first year, one of his organs failed and he did not have money for the life saving surgery. Once again, Mrs. Agarwal came to his rescue and paid all medical expenses, saving his life.

It took him 5 years to complete his law studies and he performed exceptionally well and is now a Supreme Court lawyer. He says, “I Vijay Singh, a lawyer, thank the entire Arpana family especially Agarwal Ma’am for making my dream come true. The love and affection I got from here I cannot ever forget.”




Saving Raman’s Eyesight!

Master Raman is a four year old male child. He lives with his parents and five siblings (2 brothers and 3 sisters) in a small house in village Dadlana. His father is a laborer and works for daily wages. His mother is a housewife and does all the household work.

On April 16, Master Raman was playing on the road with his friends and an iron wire inflicted a wound on his right eye while he was playing. Immediately, his father brought him to Arpana Hospital.Dr. Mukul Sharma told his father that due to the iron wire, the pupil of his eye had been damaged, so stitches were required to save his eye. On April 17, Master Raman came with his family for the suturing of his right eye. 

Master Raman belongs to very poor family and his father was not able to pay full charges. So, except for Anesthesia charges, his hospital bill was free. His family was very thankful to Dr. Mukul Sharma for suturing his son’s cornea and to Arpana Hospital for subsidizing the cost of the treatment. 


Himachal Pradesh 

 Vikrama Devi


Vikarma Devi of Sharda Self Help Group in village Lodhi in the Badhiya Kothi panchayat has been burdened by extreme poverty. Arpana formed Sharda SHG in 2014. In July 2017, the SHG was linked for larger credit from the bank and vikaram Devi took a loan of Rs. 40,000/- to buy 2 Jersey cows. Vikrama Devi earns Rs. 10,000/- to 22,000/- a month through the sale of milk and the family has finally been relieved of the pressure of poverty. Her children are being given proper care and are improving in health and in their studies.