Paediatrics Department


Dr. Tanu Goel, Head of Paediatrics and Child Specialist, has had wide-ranging experience with childhood diseases. Her compassion and gentleness combines with her medical skill to give confidence to the sick children and worried parents whilst managing their illnesses. 

Children are treated for infections,  anaemia, convulsion worm infestations, Malnutrition   etc. Importance of breast feeding & value of homemade weaning food is emphasized. 

Counseling is available about care of newborns, growth monitoring & immunisations.

   The neonatal nursery has been shifted into  bigger renovated premises. The Nursery is divided into three areas: Clean Nursery for the inborn and non infected babies, Septic Nursery for outborn and infected babies and a central monitoring area with a view on both sides, and a feeding area.
The new nursery has incubators, overhead warmers ultraviolet therapy and can accommodate more patients and will reduce infections. A neo natology section was set up including new baby warmers with CPAP ventilation and a new born transport incubator. 

     Special care is given to babies who are premature and those who suffer from HMD, birth asphyxia, convulsions, septicemia and  jaundice. The Hospital provides beds to mothers of babies admitted in the nursery to promote breast feeding and bonding.