Surgery Department


Dr Vivek Ahuja did his M.S in general surgery from Medical College, Rohtak and followed it up with a lot of experience in cancer surgeries. He joined Arpana Hospital in March 2009 and has excellent surgical skills and believes in lot of pre and post- operative counseling, so that patients are well informed of all aspects of their surgeries.

He performs surgeries for thyroid, hernia hydrocoele, kidney & gall bladder  stones &  abdominal such as perforations, appendicitis, blunt trauma abdomen & chest. 

He has performed laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries for gall bladder and urinary tract stones and surgeries for managing cancer of stomach, intestines uterus, ovaries, cervix and breast (including modified radical mastectomy). 
Last year 4,556 patients attended Arpana’s surgical department and 216 surgeries were performed during the year.