HRH The Prince of Wales

"Arpana's humanitarian work is, I think, a model of its kind, which can be used and adapted throughout the developing world. It combines total professionalism and quality with the utmost dedication and love."

Ms. Jasmine Pavri, Programme Officer, Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai

The approach to the Rural Health Services is working towards a developmental and sustainable model. The Hospital strives for excellence in a rural setup, and the ambiance of peace, dedication, and commitment is exemplary.

Dr. Vinod Prakash, President, India Development & Relief Fund, Inc., USA

We are thrilled to see impact of dedicated volunteers and staff. Arpana is a source of inspiration and a model NGO for other NGOs in India and abroad. Arpana demonstrates the unique role of following a spiritual path towards the well-being of humanity.

Maj. Gen. S.S. Sandhu, Director General, Help Age India

The magnificent work here makes everyone to become a follower - to give more.

Sir David Goldberg, Institute of Psychiatry, London

I have immense admiration for the wonderful work done by Arpana - both here (Haryana) and at Dalhousie/ Chamba. A most impressive visit.

Dr. S.S. Sangwan, NABARD, Chandigarh

Arpana has made good arrangement for two days workshop of NGO. The field visit was well planned and executed. The next day presentation of Arpana was found very good as expressed by participants.

Mrs. Sudarshan Bhanot, Canada

It is inspiring to see the progress being made in so many different areas. I loved the visit to the village and to hear the stories of progress from the village women and the empowerment they have.

Such a wonderful transformation is being brought about in these underprivileged Womens lives. Story of Seema's life, in the update, is a Classic example of the change this wonderful project. is bringing into their lives. May this project spread far & wide. All the Best !!